Hart Winery June 2020 Wine Club Newsletter

What a strange world

Things have sure changed since I last wrote a newsletter! As all of you likely know the state of California locked down the entire state which included all “non-essential” businesses including winery tasting rooms on March 21. Since that time we’ve been open only for bottle sales. Thanks to the amazing support from all of you during this time, sales, although down dramatically have been decent.

We are beginning preparation to ship  out our next wine club shipment within the next week. We understand that the state shutdown has affected many people financially and we totally understand if any of you need to put your wine club membership on hold temporarily during this difficult time. With that being said, we would really appreciate your continued support, if at all possible, as the shutdown has seriously impacted the winery financially. Please call the winery at 951-676-6300 or e-mail Christine at hartwineryca@gmail.com if you need to make changes to your wine club account, or change your credit card on file or shipping information.

We will begin charging wine club credit cards on file beginning Friday June 5th to give all of you time to make any changes necessary. Shipments will begin next Monday, June 8th and for those of you that pick up your wine your wines will be available for pickup beginning the same day. For the time being we continue to be open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 11:00-3:00 for pickup and sales, please call us for an appointment at 951-676-6300 to schedule a time to pick up your wine. Please bear with us, we’re all in this together!

When will we re-open?

Many of you are wondering when we might open as some of you may have seen other Temecula wineries begin to re-open. Currently only wineries that serve food are allowed to be open and only for food sales and glasses of wine or bottles with food. We could possibly hire a food truck, as some have done however we prefer to wait until we can open without food. It appears this may happen in the next several weeks at which time we will re-open our regular business hours following whatever rules we are expected to follow.

What will wine tasting / visiting Hart Winery look like once we re-open?

Please plan on things being considerably different then you are used to once we re-open. At this point it looks like visiting wineries will be by appointment only and without traditional wine tasting. We will likely be allowed to sell glasses and bottles only and possibly wine flights (pre-poured tastings). Obviously we will be strictly following both state and county guidelines as far as masks, social distancing and sanitation. We care about the heath and safety of both our guests and our employees and will be closely following all current protocols to ensure the safety of all who visit and who work here. Please hang in there, we miss all of you and can’t wait to see all of you again!

The Hart Winery Family

The Wines
2019 Sauvignon Blanc, Hart Family Vineyard, Temecula Valley (Mixed Club)

Although we love all of the white wines we make, Sauvignon Blanc remains our favorite. It’s such a versatile, food friendly white wine which consistently produces outstanding quality wine in the Temecula Valley. Sourced from our estate vineyard, which is planted in two-thirds Musque clone and one-third traditional clone of Sauvignon Blanc, and now the only white wine grape in our estate vineyard. We harvested 6.3 ton on September 5 2019 which was whole cluster pressed to a stainless steel tank immediately after harvest. After settling for 2 days, the clean juice was racked off the settled gross lees and innoculated for fermentation. Fermented cold, between 55-60 deg. F. the wine fermented for 24 days before it was dry. After fining and filtering, the wine was bottled on March 20 2020, we bottled 432 cases. With bright acidity and classic notes of grapefruit, citrus and gooseberry and just a hint of grassiness this is another wonderful Sauvignon Blanc. Enjoy with seafood, salads and chicken dishes.

2017 Cabernet Sauvignon, Hansen Vineyard, Temecula Valley (Mixed, Red and Classic Club).

We feel the best Cabernet Sauvignon in the Temecula Valley are grown in the coastal foothills west of the valley. The Hanson vineyard, grown by Phil and Marion Hanson, old family friends, is located in La Cresta, where the higher elevation and increased ocean influence contribute to the slower ripening and longer hang time Cabernet Sauvignon needs to make good wine. We harvested 3.8 tons of fruit on October 16 2017 which was trucked to the winery in the early morning hours. Destemmed to 5 1/2 ton macro-bins for fermentation, the fermenting must was punched down twice daily during fermentation. After pressing, the young wine was aged in 1/3 new European and French oak barrels along with older European oak barrels for 28 months. This is a beautiful Cabernet Sauvignon. Full bodied, with classic notes of red fruit, berry and cassis all framed nicely with subtle oak and a slightly tannic, lingering finish, we feel this wine displays Temecula’s potential to produce exceptional examples of this classic varietal. Enjoy with beef dishes or BBQ. Excellent aging potential.

2017 Old Vine Reserve Cabernet Franc, Hart Family Vineyard, Temecula Valley (Mixed, Red and Classic Club).

Within our estate vineyard we have two blocks of Cabernet Franc. The oldest block, planted in the mid-80’s is an unknown clone of Cabernet Franc which came from cuttings of grape vines which were planted in a small vineyard within the campus of U.C. Riverside (since gone).These are likely the oldest and first planting of Cabernet Franc in the Temecula Valley. As we’ve done several times in the past in 2017 we crushed this fruit separately as it can make an exceptional Cabernet Franc. Harvested September 29 2017, the fruit was destemmed to 3 1/2 ton macro-bins. Punched down twice daily during fermentation, the wine was pressed just before dryness. Aged 29 months in new European and older European and American oak barrels. With notes of red fruit, raspberry, green olive and spice this a beautiful wine. Excellent aging potential, give this wine a little time before drinking, if you can wait!

2017 Tempranillo, Hart Family Vineyard, Temecula Valley (Red Club)

Tempranillo, the primary grape of the Spanish Rioja thrives in the warm sunshine of the Temecula Valley. From a one acre block in our family vineyard this fruit was harvested August 25 2017. Destemmed, whole berry the must was pumped to a stainless steel tank for fermentation. Innoculated with the T-73 yeast strain, the fermenting wine was pumped over twice daily during fermentation. After pressing, just before dryness, the wine was settled in tank, it was aged almost 20 months in new American and older European and American oak barrels. After racking, blending and filtering the wine was bottled on June 26 2019, we bottled 338 cases. With interesting notes of blackberry, spice, pepper, leather and tobacco this full bodied red wine pairs perfectly with smoked meats or steak. Drink now or lay down to see what develops!

Jim Hart Winemaker, Mike Hart Assistant Winemaker